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My happy place, writing on the back porch of the lake house. Kody and Cadi
We're about the biggest gator fans there are. My dad, siblings, husband and one daughter are all gators. Several rooms in our house are orange and blue, including a bathroom!  GO GATORS!
Catherine (20), Erin(23) and Matthew(22) at the Grand Tetons May 2019. We are blessed with the most amazing kids on the planet, and no, I'm not at all biased....3 out of 3 of my kids agree.
I have an amazing family with an amazing name. Going from Yachabach to Euliano didn't help much, except for my spot in the alphabet.
The traditional family 5-balled snowman. We are fortunate to ski in Park City most years. Great snow for us not-great skiers.
For our 25th Anniversary we went to the South Island of New Zealand to hike and enjoy the scenery. I can't imagine a better forever soul-mate!