Interviews and Features

Queries, Qualms and Quirks with Sarah Nicolas
Podcast Interview 8/23/2021

Author 2 Author with Bill Kenower
Podcast Interview 7/6/2021

Dream Career Podcast with Heather Chambers
Podcast Interview 6/6/2021

Dark and Stormy BookClub
Podcast Interview 6/1/2021

Insomnicat Media
Podcast Interview "When your skillset doesn't match your job." 5/18/2021

ACCRAC Podcast for Anesthesia Trainees
Podcast Interview about anesthesiology in Fiction and transition to writing 5/24/2021

ASA’s Central Line
Podcast Interview about anesthesiology in Fiction and transition to writing 5/3/2021

Kevin MD
Podcast Interview about mentorship 5/16/2021

Suanne Schafer
Author Interview 4/27/2021

What is that Book About
Guest Post 4/11/2021

Lisa Haselton Book Reviews and Interviews
Interview 3/29/2021

Kings River Life Magazine
Guest Post 3/3/2021

Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb
Interview 4/9/2021

Hasty Book List
Interview 3/29/2021

The Writing Cooperative
Interview 3/10/2021

Jean Book Nerd
Interview 3/10/2021

In Reference to Murder
Guest Post 3/2/2021

The Writing Train
Interview 3/26/2021

The Backpack Show
Podcast Interview 3/16/2021

Authority Magazine
Interview 3/25/2021

Writer Types
Podcast Interview 3/15/2021

Campaign for the American Reader
Guest Post: The Page 69 Test 3/13/2021

Books by Women
Guest Post 3/2/2021

B for Bookreview
Guest Post 3/2/2021

Author Stories with Hank Garner
Podcast Interview 3/4/2021

The Tom Sumner Program
Radio Interview

Authors Answer
Interview 3/2/21

The Nerd Daily
Interview 3/3/2021

Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers
Guest Post 2/28/2021

Elena Taylor
Interview 3/2/2021

Guest post 2/25/2021